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×There is no translation available.As China seeks to further boost the e-commerce sector, it is likely to attract new capital and create new jobs and entrepreneurs. Recently, the State Council, China’s cabinet, announced that it will boost the development of e-commerce by cutting red tape and liberalizing investment regulation in the sector. Reportedly, the new measures include a tax cut, simpler administrative procedures and a push for entrepreneurship.During the past two decades, I have explored the rise of the information and communication technology sector first in America and then worldwide, starting with “The Triumph and Erosion in the American Media…
DHL和思科咨询服务公司发布的一份新趋势报告得出结论:“物联网”为“更高效透明的供应链提供了巨大的潜力”。 “趋势报告”估计,到2020年将有500亿台设备连接到互联网,而现在则为150亿台。 DHL表示:“对于任何有供应链或物流运作的组织来说,物联网(IoT)将带来改变游戏规则的后果,从为客户创造更多的”最后一公里“交付选项,到更高效的仓储操作和货运,”DHL 。 根据思科的经济分析,物联网将“在未来十年内在全球范围内创造价值8万亿美元的价值”。这将来自五个主要因素:创新和收入(2.1万亿美元);资产利用率(2.1万亿美元);供应链和物流(1.9万亿美元);员工生产力提高(1.2万亿美元);并增强了客户和市民的经验(7000亿美元)。 据报道,随着物联网实时连接数百万个每天被移动,追踪和存放的货物,物流行业可以释放更高的运营效率。 DHL解释了如何实现这些好处:“在仓储方面,连接托盘和物品将成为更智能库存管理的驱动力。在货物运输中,货物的跟踪和追踪变得更快,更准确,更有预见性和安全性,而连接车队的分析可以帮助预测资产故障并自动安排维护检查。最后,将交付人员与周围的车辆和人员联系起来可以成为货币化和优化回程的一种方式,以提高最后一公里交付的效率和服务。对于客户来说,这意味着DHL可以提供更快,更可靠和成本效益的服务。“ 思科咨询服务和DHL现在还在联合物联网创新项目上进行合作,该项目旨在通过基于所选设备的Wi-Fi位置数据的近实时数据分析改进仓库运营决策。 趋势报告是在为期三天的迪拜DHL全球技术大会上发布的。 标签: 德国邮政DHL , 物联网 资料来源:DHL& 邮政包裹报告
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×There is no translation available.We take food authenticity pretty much for granted in New Zealand. Some of our trading partners don’t – and they really appreciate it when food imported from this country comes with robust traceability and authentication processes. Of course the importance of authentication depends on what you care about. New Zealanders eat mostly food produced in our own well-regulated industries.  Branding and information labelling are to a high standard, and that enables plenty of individual discernment about ingredients, health impacts and so on.  Food safety issues, like that last month with bagged vegetables in a big grocery…
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